We build a wide range of cold rooms. Whatever size and specification that you want will be built. You only need to communicate your desired specification and we make it. The cold rooms we built are highly reliable and durable. We construct Standard & Bespoke Modular Cold rooms and Industrial Cold Rooms


Nomatter where you are in Gauteng, we install your coldroom for you. From the remotest locations to cities, we install cold rooms. Whether the coldroom was built by us or not we will install it. We are just a call away and our technicians, on standby, will reach you.


Having problems with your coldrooms? Tired of "temporal" repair from 'seasoned technicians'? Spending more than you should on repairing services? We are the solution you have been looking for. Once we have repaired your cold room, be rest assured of a long-term functionality.


You can avoid costly breakdowns and repairs of your cold rooms. If contract us to service your coldrooms you will avoid what proves, many times, to be catastrophic breakdowns. Our maintenance package includes: Backup Battery Replacement, Maintenance checks of units every 3 months, Gasket repairs and replacements, Temperature Calibration, Thawing, Hinge repairs or replacement, Filter Cleaning etc.